Expert Forum for Knowledge Presentation
Who we are





Co-chairs: Elka Kazmierczak Peter storkerson



Who we are


We are a forum for persons who want to improve the the communication of knowledge, who want to develop a better knowledge of communication, and who want to prepare for the future of communication as aproductive force. We offer a variety resources including conferences, web links to relevant resources, procedings, publications and email intercommunication.

We are a volunteer organization. Please feel free to join with us.

Our Goals  

Our goal is to provide a structured forum to define common goals, formulate strategies, and develop collaborative action leading to improving the performance of communications and developing an agreed upon knowledge base that serves and defines the field.




The Expert Forum for Knowledge Presentation is part of the International Institute for Information Design (IIID). Formed in 1988, the IIID is a not-for-profit association headquartered in Vienna with a global membership.

The IIID endeavors to develop information design as an independent interdisciplinary field of knowledge and professional activities, to document and to make generally accessible specifically relevant information, to carry out research within its possibilities and in cooperation with its members and to find new ways of educating information designers.

The IIID sponsors the “VisionPlus” conferences, publishes the ID News, and issues white papers. The IIID is also developing a Global Data Exchange Project that will make accessible relevant information contained in theses, diploma works, and research papers.

The IIID is sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology and is affiliated to the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda). UNESCO recognizes IIID as a partner organization for worldwide cooperation on matters of information design.